Cold Laser


Loud noises and sharp tools don’t tend to make for a stress-free dental experience. When you come to Black Bear Dental, our goal is to eliminate any anxiety and discomfort that may be associated with common dental procedures! One way we do that is with cold laser, no shot dentistry.

What is No Shot Dentistry?

Because of the advancements in dental technology, we can now use lasers to address standard dental issues, like fillings. This is a painless approach, meaning it eliminates injections of numbing agents.

Are Dental Lasers Safe?

Yes! No shot dentistry is great for those with dental anxiety. They actually offer us even more precision than more traditional methods. This is an exciting advancement that is becoming increasingly popular among the dental industry–and for good reason!

Why is Cold Laser Dentistry Preferred?

Our team cares about your overall wellbeing, whether you’re in our chair or taking care of your mouth at home. Cold laser dentistry comes with an array of benefits, including but not limited to:

  • No loud noises
  • No use of Novocaine or numbing agents
  • Shorter procedure times
  • Quicker healing
  • Less bacteria

Interested in Learning More About Cold Laser Dentistry?

At Black Bear Dental, we’re proud to offer the latest techniques and technology in the dental industry! This includes cold laser, no shot dentistry. If you’re looking to learn more or to schedule an appointment, please give our office a call!

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