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Holistic alternative dentistry, sometimes called biological dentistry, doesn’t just take your oral health into account! Rather, at Black Bear Dental, we believe that oral health goes beyond the mouth. Taking your overall health and daily habits into consideration, holistic dentistry aims to improve your general wellbeing. This approach allows us to identify the underlying problem behind your symptoms, as well as provide optimal care for your immune system.

Our Services in Holistic Alternative Dentistry

  • Mercury-Free Fillings
  • Mercury Filling Removal
  • Ozone Therapy
  • Stem Cell PRF & PRP

What is Holistic Alternative Dentistry?

You may have heard of the “holistic approach” in medicine. Holistic alternative dentistry is considered to be a more natural approach to dental care. Its techniques are used to prevent oral diseases, or to treat them once they’ve set in.

Holistic treatments can include mercury-free fillings and removing mercury fillings that have the potential to be toxic. This is because mercury fillings aren’t biocompatible with your immune system.

The holistic practice of dentistry also employs ozone therapy to break down harmful bacteria in the mouth that causes cavities and other oral diseases.

Benefits of the Holistic Approach

  • Centered Around Total Wellness
  • Treats the Underlying Problem
  • Emphasis on Prevention
  • Individualized Treatments

Looking for Holistic Alternative Dentistry in Henderson, NC?

Don’t just treat the symptoms! Let us get to the root of the problem with holistic alternative dentistry in Henderson, NC. Using the latest technologies and the most effective techniques, Black Bear Dental offers comprehensive care that meet all of your needs. If you would like to learn more about our services in holistic alternative dentistry, or to schedule an appointment, contact our office today!

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