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You’ve heard of conventional braces, but orthodontics is getting a major upgrade with SureSmile! With SureSmile braces, we can offer patients a truly unique experience that can prove to be a more comfortable and convenient way to get a perfectly straight smile.

What are SureSmile Braces?

SureSmile uses advanced dental technology to straighten crooked and misaligned teeth. First, your dentist will take digital impressions of your teeth to determine what exactly needs to be done. After rendering a 3D model, the process of SureSmile allows us to craft an orthodontics treatment plan that’s perfect for you with braces that don’t need to be adjusted by hand.

That’s right. While SureSmile braces do employ wires and brackets just like conventional braces, but SureSmile are robotically engineered archwires, designed to tighten automatically when needed. You’ll experience less discomfort and possibly a shorter time for treatment.

Tips for Wearing SureSmile Braces

When it comes to maintenance and overall oral health, SureSmile braces function similarly to conventional braces. Here are a few tips to make sure you get the most out of treatment and achieve the smile of your dreams as soon as possible!

Be Careful About Food & Drink: Unfortunately, you’ll have to put down your favorite sweets. Soda, gum, hard candies, and other sugary foods can cause damage to the appliance.

Brush as Per Usual: With braces especially, you should never skip out on your morning and evening brushing routines! You don’t want food particles to get stuck between brackets.

Floss Daily: Plaque build ups are all too common with braces. You’ll need to floss as normal with a little threader tool.

Looking for SureSmile Braces in Henderson, NC?

You can get your best orthodontics treatment plan with SureSmile braces here at Black Bear Dental! We use the latest technologies and the most effective techniques to perform orthodontic corrections. If you would like to learn more about SureSmile braces and schedule a consultation, contact our office today!

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